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Reliant’s investment focus is affordable and market rate multifamily housing. We have extensive experience in senior, affordable, student, and new construction multifamily housing.

Our unmatched expertise allows us to identify and create value where others can’t. Experience and insight enable us to anticipate challenges and mitigate risk. From finance to construction to rehabilitation, our team works to understand all aspects of a transaction, assuring a guaranteed closing and maximum price to sellers, in a minimum amount of time.

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Reliant’s professional staff has an unmatched range of skills and specialties, spanning tax-exempt bonds, low-income housing tax credits, structured finance, construction, rehabilitation, asset management, and social services. Combining sophisticated financial and analytical capabilities, Reliant builds creative and effective solutions. Over the past three decades, we have developed a reputation as problem solvers with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Assets We Acquire

Reliant’s discretionary capital provides flexibility to enter a transaction through debt or equity. We can invest at any point in the capital stack. We can invest as joint venture equity partners, fee owners, or bond holders.

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The Reliant Group Promise

Best Price

We deliver the maximum price to sellers through a comprehensive valuation process and deep financial resources. Asset sellers can be confident in the knowledge that Reliant has purchased over $3.7 billion in assets and closed every transaction under contract.


Our experience, creativity, and specialization enables rapid closing and faster deployment of capital, closing transactions in as little as 30 days. Once we agree on a timetable, we meet it. Our track record demonstrates both proficiency and speed.


We have acquired over $3.7 billion in assets since our formation in 1992, establishing a reputation for uncompromising integrity and performance. The reliability of our process is due to our proprietary funds with sufficient discretionary capital to meet sellers’ expectations. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive valuation skills and unflinching commitment to building lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.


We are committed to a win-win style of doing business. Reliant seeks long-term relationships with sellers. We find value where others can’t, identifying and mitigating challenges before they can threaten a deal. The result is a sales price and closing process with certainty for sellers.

We have pioneered service-enriched housing, developing an abundant offering of social services for our residents through our association with Rainbow Housing. The program increases housing stability for the most vulnerable and contributes to neighborhood revitalization. Our commitment to the environment is equally important, as evidenced by Reliant’s reputation as a nationally recognized leader in sustainability. We have long been committed to eco-friendly practices, including energy efficiency improvements, solar energy installations, recycling programs and transit-oriented development.

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Aquisition criteria


We invest in major metropolitan areas west of the Rocky Mountains, as well as select southern markets including Texas and Florida. We will consider secondary markets (in the same region) with a minimum MSA population of 250,000.

Asset Type, Size and Age

We focus on multifamily property types of 100+ units, with a preference for affordable housing. We will consider smaller properties if they are part of a portfolio purchase. For market rate, student, and senior housing properties, we prefer construction built since 2000; and we purchase affordable properties of all ages. We purchase land for new construction in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona markets. Additionally, we will acquire older market rate properties (60’s to 80’s vintage) that can be converted to LIHTC affordable if held by an owner for 10 years or with HUD Section 8 HAP contracts or FHA financing.


We acquire land, new construction, properties with environmental issues, and properties that are partially built or that require substantial rehabilitation.

Financial Considerations

Our CAP Fund series are fully discretionary investment funds. We are the sole decision makers on all investments, seeking single asset purchases of $25–$200MM and portfolio purchase up to $1B, with at least $10MM of equity invested per deal. We prefer to acquire with new debt but will pay cash for a note or assume existing financing, if necessary.

Investment Objectives

Our yield requirements are commensurate with the risks and rewards presented by each acquisition. We focus on geographic areas with population growth and job formation, particularly in regions with high barriers to entry. Additionally, we seek acquisitions where the property’s grade or class is below that of the other competitive properties in its market, requiring substantial renovation to complete.

For further information, please contact:

Market Rate, Student and Senior Housing

Sanj A. Kakar | Chief Acquisitions Officer

Office: (415) 501-9601


Affordable Housing, Section 8 Housing, Bond Financing

Mike April | Vice President – Acquisitions

Office: (415) 501-9605


Reliant Group History

Our history

Since its founding in 1992, Reliant Group (“Reliant”) has acquired over $3.7 billion of complicated real estate and loan transactions requiring extensive rehabilitation, construction, repositioning, environmental remediation, financial restructuring, and hands-on management.

This active investment approach has allowed Reliant to identify and create value throughout every real estate cycle of the last three decades and build a remarkable record of success.

Reliant History 2

The initial investments of Reliant included over $750 million of debt purchased from the Resolution Trust Corporation (“RTC”) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Reliant was the RTC’s largest buyer of loans secured by properties with environmental issues. In 1995, the firm broadened its acquisitions to include debt sold by private parties, banks, and foreign institutions. By 1997 Reliant had purchased an additional $550 million of debt from these sellers.

Since 2000, Reliant has specialized in acquiring bond and tax credit-financed affordable multifamily apartment communities, market rate apartments, and new construction of multifamily assets. In 2001 Reliant launched its first proprietary, discretionary investment fund, called the Capital Accelerator Program (CAP) Fund. Since 2001, Reliant has launched a new CAP Fund every 18–36 months. Reliant is now investing its tenth CAP Fund. The CAP series of funds have acquired or invested in over 22,000 units of affordable, market rate, senior, and student housing across the country. Investments made by the CAP Funds are completely discretionary to the management team at Reliant. This flexible capital source allows the firm to meet the demands of any transaction for speed and creative structuring. No outside approvals are required for funding transactions. The principals of Reliant are the decision makers.

Few firms have the depth of knowledge and multidisciplinary capabilities that Reliant brings to the process of acquiring complicated real estate transactions.

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