The Reliant Group has acquired over $1.8 billion of complicated real estate and loan transactions requiring extensive rehabilitation, construction, repositioning, environmental remediation, financial restructuring and hands-on management, since the inception of the firm in 1992. This active investment approach has allowed The Reliant Group to identify and create value throughout every real estate cycle of the past 20 years and build a remarkable record of success.

The initial investments of The Reliant Group included over $750 million (face amount) of debt from the Resolution Trust Corporation (“RTC”) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”). The Reliant Group was the RTC’s largest buyer of loans secured by properties with environmental issues. In 1995, the firm broadened its acquisitions to include debt sales by private sellers, banks and foreign institutions and an additional $550 million (face amount) of debt was purchased from these sellers.

For the last decade, Reliant has specialized in acquiring bond and tax credit financed, affordable multifamily apartment communities. In 2001 Reliant launched its first proprietary, discretionary investment fund, called the Capital Accelerator Program (CAP Fund). Since 2001, The Reliant Group has launched a new CAP fund every 12-18 months. The CAP series of funds have acquired or invested in over 10,000 units of affordable and market rate multifamily housing across the country. Investments made by the CAP Funds are completely discretionary to management of The Reliant Group. This flexible capital source allows the firm to meet the demands of any transaction for speed and creative structuring.  No outside approvals are required for funding transactions. The principals of The Reliant Group are the decision makers.

Few firms have the depth of knowledge and multidisciplinary capabilities that The Reliant Group brings to the process of acquiring complicated real estate transactions.